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At the end of the 1920's was the Great Depression. The town was
filled with people who lost their jobs in the blink of an eye.
During the 1930's , large dust storms called "dust bowls" often occurred in the Midwest. It brought unprecedented damage and many victims to agricultural land, so people who lost everything sat out on a wandering journey west for jobs and new land. This time
, there were many hobo's who would steal a ride on a cargo train repeatedly for seasonal labor. "Woody Guthrie", who is famous for folk songs, was born in Oklahoma which had a terrible damage by dust bowl. He faced tragedy many times then became lonely so in search of work for the day he would hobo.
and he traveled the United States with songs that were related with dust bowl, such as his own experience of hard suffering ,refugees' feelings and a strong message to confront hardship. This leather jacket is designed to reflect the image of the hobo that is likely to be covered in dust during the long journey.

■ front of the line is slowly hit the waves, as pocket is easy to put in the hands of Ryotamaen such as slightly center is open, using a curve to everywhere, it has become to elaborate making that requires skill.
■ material using a hose Hyde (horse leather), leather brown finish named Auburn is further from the top of Brown's foundation, note that it is colored with a dark brown, vintage Brown until now since Brown is likely to come off of the surface than in the early brown by enough to cover up interlining it comes out.
■ Material of the front in the pocket, when you put your hand because flannel specification, will play the role of a hand warmer.
■ lining and plaid, 100% WOOL.
■ worthy here in recent work boom, making things that are not transient, attention it becomes finish of Freewheelers unique.
by all means, please enjoy.

producing countries: Japan

※ The size is the actual size, of some when there are individual differences. Please think a guide.
※ leather goods one by one, different facial expressions. Some of the color unevenness, because the dents will be the original
nature leather, humbly, please understand.