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1910-1920s OVERCOAT

(A) (B) (C) (D)
36 89 cm 52 cm 61 cm 42 cm
38 90 54 62 44
40 91 56 63 46
42 92 58 64 48
44 93 60 65 50
The Wright brothers who succeeded in flying air planes for the first time in the world.
This product is named after the Wright brothers' young brother Orville, it is a motif of the 1910's aviator-style overcoat and the engineers coat.

■ FREEWHEELERS' original heather tweed is used for this fabric. We make the fabric's complex color by using khaki hemp yarn and black cotton yarn as a wrap, with the green wool yarn as a weft.
Even though it is used wool blended fabric, it is relatively thin so it can be worn through three seasons.
The black cotton linen surge is used for lining and the cotton green check fabric is used for sleeve lining which makes it more classical.
Sewing is lock-stitched with love with a high-quality finish.
■ It is an elaborate coat in every corner, with a fly-front front, unique and practical pocket design, and all front body and back body (until shoulder length) are used double cloth for reinforcement and protection against the cold.
■ Inside of the left chest is an Inside pocket which has a WALDES ball-and-chain fastener.
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 60% WOOL, 30% HEMP, 10% COTTON
Country of origin: Japan

※ model wearing size: L / 40 Height: 175cm Weight 72kg
Always Freewheelers products will wear the L / 40 size. This product is just fit in L / 40 size.
roughly which brand also tops will wear the L / 40 size. Freewheelers product of the shirt and love always 16 / M size. By all means, please try to reference.
※ The actual size is, but when there is some individual differences. Please think a guide.

※ This product has been launched in the Freewheelers previous work regular selling price after the price revision by the manufacturer for the product. Of course, we have a carefully product management in the state of new.