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ヘンリーネック 長袖シャツ

Sold out
cm (A) (B) (C) (D)
36 67 51 61 39
38 67 53 63 42
42 71 56 65 43
44 72 59 66 46
Is 1920's Henry neck shirt vintage style that reproduces the uneven feeling and NEP feeling full of material at the time.
In comparison with the time of design, button portion of the front of rayon tape issues an original property, so that can be worn as an inner having the design, so we finish the classic
Also in part glimpse find a fashionable.

■ unique uneven feeling, uneven feeling adopt the appeal of the body. Facial expression is also so, but comfort is also the highest since the touch is also a good fabric.
In addition, the vintage just like, also features shades, such as blurred.
■ not only worked as an inner, is cut without hesitation with enough presence to wear in the name tag is a piece will accent that comes with the front tape portion is also simple yet!
■ Nonuosshu goods.

Material: 100% COTTON
Country of origin: Japan

※ size is actual size, on the nature of the fabric, when there is some individual differences.
Please think a guide.