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S 61 cm 46 cm 23cm 40 cm
M 64 49 24 42
L 67 54 25 44
XL 69 59 26 46

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This season of print T-shirt to line up a series which was structured around the motor scene of WWII before the war decoration a new beginning, free Wheeler and of the racing scene and at that time, racers, the manufacturers and others had made the parts and racing machines and motif There is also a tribute to the man who risked their lives in the speed to dedicate a's. (this season's print T-shirt that consist of the motor scene of before WWII opened a new chapter. It is homage of men who risked them life to speeed in racing scene, racers,parts and manufacturers at the time)

■ The material is unique uneven sense of thin, uneven feeling adopted the body of the features. (Light-weight body that features is unique unevenness is used as material.)
Touch is also good, comfort is also excellent. In addition, the vintage just like, also features shades, such as blurred.(It has a good texture,comfortable to wear. The color that looks fading makes it more vintage looks)
■ front Furokkipurinto, back and finished with a design that was printed and the proper use representation penetration.(Flockey print on the front, pigment print on the back)
■ Non-wash products.

Material: 100% COTTON
Country of origin: Japan

※ The actual size is, but there might be some individual differences occur. Please think a guide.

[Size of Reference Example]
Staff A: Choose the height 182cm weight 78kg L / 42.
Staff B: Select the Height: 168cm Weight 60kg S /36.

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(※ This product will be delivered by mail separately.) ( Packages to be delivered to mailbox) Security of the accident, breakage, etc. of up to goods arrival, please note that there is not any.
In addition, since you can not be "specified date", Please confirm. (Please note that we don't take responsibilities for in case of the accident,damage during delivering)
If you wish to "your people want in a hurry", "with luggage of security", so you can choose the shipping method of your choice in the order screen, please choose the "courier". (In addition, you can't not arrenge a "desibnated date delivery" People who prefer "express delivery" "package compensation", please choose [courier] when you reach order screen.)
※ customers shopping in the "COD" becomes a treat "courier", because the postage is different from the e-mail facilities, in advance, please understand. (※ please note that customers who shopping by "COD" is considerated as "courier", in case delivery fee is fifferent than mail packing.)